7 Exciting Things Coming For The Six Flags Over Georgia 2024 Season

Animated rendering of Georgia Surfer roller coaster opening for the Six Flags Over Georgia 2024 season. Other rides like SkyScreaming, Superman Ultimate Escape, and Dahlonega Mine Train are also visible.

Updated Saturday, March 2, 2024

It’s almost Atlanta theme park season again! Six Flags Over Georgia is gearing up for its 57th season, kicking off Saturday, March 2nd, 2024. Get ready for a season packed with exciting events, brand new shows, delicious food, and even a groundbreaking new roller coaster debuting later this summer!

Let’s look at what’s in store for the Six Flags Over Georgia 2024 season.

1. Georgia Surfer – The World’s First Ultra Surf Coaster

The second new roller coaster for the park in two years (three if you count Kid Flash Cosmic Coaster as two credits), Georgia Surfer is currently planned to open this summer. Built by Intamin, creator of rides like VelociCoaster and Kingda Ka, the new roller coaster “promises ultra-power, high capacity and unpredictable airtime – the ultimate theme park surf experience”.

Riders will sit on surfboard-themed trains that will freely spin as they launch and experience an airtime hill and two 144 foot spikes forward and backward at up to 60mph. LSM launches ensure each trip up the spike will result in weightlessness and maximum thrills.

There will also be what the park describes as “interactive water features” that can even be shut off altogether in the colder months. It’s currently unclear how wet you’ll get when you ride. Will the water feature be more for show or will it provide a cool-down for riders like the Splashwater Falls ride once did (Georgia Surfer is located where that ride previously sat)? That remains to be seen.

From the animation and renderings, there appears to be a path leading from the previous Bug Bunny High Sea Adventure swing ride that was removed a few years ago. That ride pad appears to have some shade covers in the new animation. Based on the fact that the animation makes it a point to place trees and buildings between it and Bugs Bunny Boomtown, we can assume this will be overflow queueing for the new coaster.

Georgia Surfer animation with arrow pointing to possible extended queue area next to ride

Overall, I’m excited to finally get a launch coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia, though how powerful the launches are remains to be seen. I’m also extremely excited to see the former Splashwater Falls area get some much needed attention, as that area has been a complete eyesore for years.

When will the ride truly open? Hopefully this will go up rather quickly, and we won’t be faced with a situation we’ve seen too much from Six Flags in recent memory – rides opening much later than anticipated.

2. New Spring Shows and A New Location For A Classic

This year, Six Flags has announced four new spring entertainment offerings, but not too much information has been given about them quite yet.

Looney Tunes Welcome Celebration

Six Flags says this will “start the day off right”. If I had to guess, this is probably a small show similar to ones seen at other Six Flags parks near the main entrance at the start of the day.

Funtime Drumline

Located in Metropolis in front of Superman: Ultimate Flight, the park promises “an explosive showcase of rhythm and talent with a few surprises mixed in”.

Peachtree Pop Stars

Interestingly, this will be taking place outside of the Crystal Pistol and not inside it. It appears to be a show consisting of singers singing pop hits.

Looney Tunes Party in the Plaza

Across from the Crystal Pistol (and in front of Bugs Bunny Boomtown, if I had to guess), the Looney Tunes will be dancing and entertaining the crowds.

Comedy Wild West Show – New Location

The park also announced that the Comedy Wild West Show, a crowd favorite, will be moved to Dare Devil Dive Stage in the USA section of the park. I find this a bit odd, as it seemed very at home in the western-themed Lickskillet Stage area and may seem a bit odd among the theming of the USA section. You can check out the 50s-themed Dee Jay’s Diner and then see, a western-themed comedy show? I’ll admit, it wouldn’t have been my first pick, so we will have to wait and see if anything is going on in the Lickskillet Area once the park opens to cause this.

Map of Six Flags Over Georgia showing where the Comedy Wild West Show will be moving for the spring for the Six Flags Over Georgia 2024 season (Dare Devil Dive Stage)

Character Meet and Greets

Six Flags Over Georgia also plans on having more meet and greets with Looney Tunes characters as well as the Monster Mansion characters that debuted last year. It’s great to see the park create meet and greets with characters that are unique to their park and honor a classic attraction.

3. Personalized Ride Photos

This one is interesting, as ride photos were removed from Six Flags Over Georgia some time after the pandemic and just started showing up again. According to the park:

4. New Infrastructure To Improve Guest Experience

The park has already shared images on social media of the new funnel cake building coming to the entrance, which has promised to increase guest flow and comfort while purchasing the classic theme park treat. Additionally, they’ve announced a new Six Flags Universe store coming to the entrance under construction to open later this season. Could this be related to the construction on the now-demolished ticket booths on the eastern side of the main gate?

Arrow pointing to possible location of new Six Flags Universe store being built for Six Flags Over Georgia 2024 season

Dee Jay’s Diner, a quick service restaurant themed to the 1950s in the park’s USA area, is getting an interior remodel this season. I think this is needed, as the last few times I’ve been inside, the restaurant has looked a bit rundown, and could use updates to also help improve guest flow.

Arrow pointing to location of Dee Jay's Diner on map of Six Flags Over Georgia

5. New Theme Park Food Options

Let’s face it – Six Flags isn’t known for their outstanding theme park food and cuisine. Improvements to this, as well as the guest flow and experience when ordering food, is always needed. The park has announced some fun new options.

  • Pineapple and Strawberry Soft Serve – Could this be similar to Dole Whip? Is it Dole Whip? Is the Dole Whip in the room with us right now?
  • Flatbread Sandwiches Featuring Italian Meat – Yeah, I may need a bit more on that one, but it has the potential to be good.
  • Chicken Pesto Or Vegetables – More healthy theme park food is always appreciated!
  • Hot Miner’s Melts from Miner’s Cookhouse – Given Miner’s reputation, i’m definitely going to need more on this one.
  • Monster Mansion Burger – ………I’m listening. And intrigued.

6. New Theme Park Cocktails and Bars

As an adult over 21, this is something that sounds particularly exciting. Six Flags Over Georgia started allowing alcohol more freely a few years ago, and it’s nice to see it have a chance to create some fun cocktail and bar experiences this year.

  • Along The Rails Tavern, an outdoor patio near Marthasville Railroad Station. The park’s app map has already updated to show this as the patio attached to the former Membership Lounge which was a restaurant prior to that. And speaking of Marthasville Railroad Station, is the train going to stop in Rabun Gap again this year after not for the last few? If not, can we do something fun with that space – it’s kind of dead right now.
  • Munchopolis Beverages, which will offer cold beers and “tantalizing” moonshine cocktails. Moonshine? Yes, sign me up. I’ve always thought the Munchopolis Food Court was mid at best, so this is a welcome change in my book.

7. Events and Milestones Throughout The Season

From milestones to new and returning events, there’s a lot going on for the Six Flags Over Georgia 2024 season.

Georgia Scorcher, Celebrating 25 Years

My favorite ride is getting some recognition this year! Still sporting its fantastic newer red and gunmetal gray paint scheme, the last first generation B&M standup ever built celebrates 25 years of operation in 2024. Six Flags plans on having some special decorations, photo opportunities, and as Pass Holder giveaway later this season. You can bet I’ll be there.

Spring Break, March 30 – April 7

There will be something they’re calling “Egg Shellabration” during the day featuring a scavenger hunt with “oversized eggs inspired by some iconic Looney Tunes and DC COMICS™ characters”. And during select nights, they’ll be opening the Saw maze that opened at the end of last year’s Fright Fest (which was odd).

Personally, I’m glad they’re not doing the whole Scream Break event this year. That event was honestly not my favorite, and while it had some cool food offerings and was nice to ride roller coasters with hardly any lines, I think the money spent on the event could be spent elsewhere.

Low Sensory Sundays, Sundays in April

I ended up being in the park for one of these last year. Walking around a theme park with no music playing is always a bit odd of an experience at first, but I’m glad that Six Flags is making it easier for everyone to enjoy their parks.

Brews and Bites, Weekends April 20 – May 19

My favorite event at Six Flags Over Georgia returns! I truly love this event, and it continues to be great every year they offer it. It’s a food and beer festival with some entertainment, and I think it’s a really great value for everything you get.

Hurricane Harbor, Celebrating 10 Years

The park doesn’t mention anything special for this, just that it opened ten years ago in 2014 and will be open May 25 – September 8.

Summer Vibes Festival, New in June

I believe I was at Six Flags Great Adventure for this, and there were some cute, colorful photo ops, but not too much else. The parks says to expect to be “immersed in a kaleidoscope of color at this brand new summer festival”.

July 4th Fireworks Celebration, July 3-6

It’s Fourth of July. At Six Flags Over Georgia. With fireworks.

Coaster Fest, August 17-18

Six Flags Over Georgia is saying to expect “lift hill walks, behind the scenes tours, special presentations, exclusive ride times and more.” I didn’t get to go to this event last year, and although the Georgia summer heat may keep me away, maybe I should check it out.

Oktoberfest, Weekends September 14 – November 3

Returning from last year, expect “craft and seasonal brews with German inspired cuisine.”

Kids Boo Fest, and Fright Fest, Weekends September 21 – November 3

Family-friendly fun during the day (trick-or-treating, costume contests, arts and crafts, etc). Scary fun at night. I wonder if the park will keep the park split like it did last year for each event. That worked out pretty well, I think. Fright Fest apparently turns 30 this year as well.

Veterans Weekend, November 9 – 10

Not sure what all is planned this weekend, as the park states they will just “celebrate and honor our nation’s heroes”.

Holiday In The Park, Select Dates November 23 – January 5

I really do enjoy Holiday In The Park at Six Flags Over Georgia. The park always looks so pretty, and unless you’re going around Black Friday or between Christmas and New Year’s, the park isn’t usually super packed. The event turns 10 this year as well.

Six Flags Over Georgia 2024 Season Summary

2024 could possibly be a great one for Six Flags Over Georgia. The park has seen some improvements over the last few years, and if all these announcements are followed through, they could really work in the park’s favor.

We can’t forget that there is the looming Six Flags and Cedar Fair merger that is currently set to happen by the summer. This could be the last time we see an opening day before that happens. A new roller coaster, new food and beverage options, and a season packed full of events could leave a great taste in everyone’s mouth as the next year begins as the first under the newly merged company. Moonshine flavored, hopefully.

What are you looking forward to the most for the Six Flags Over Georgia 2024 season?

Christian McIlwain

Christian has been a fan of theme parks since he was a child. He has over twenty years of experience both researching and working in the industry. He grew up visiting Kennywood Park throughout his childhood. Currently, he lives in Atlanta, GA where he frequently visits Six Flags Over Georgia and Orlando area theme parks.


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