The 5 Biggest Roller Coasters in Florida

Looking at ShieKra with Iron Gwazi in background at Busch Gardens Tampa

Many would say Florida is the theme park capital of the world. With places like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, there are plenty of options for families and thrill-seekers a lot to find fun in the Sunshine State.

We’ve covered the fastest roller coasters in Florida, but what if you’re looking for the biggest roller coasters in Florida? Read on to see where you need to go if you’re looking to conquer the tallest roller coaster thrills on your next Florida vacation!

The Top Florida Giants: Get Ready for Dizzying Heights

1. Iron Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa Bay)

View of Iron Gwazi’s first hill from a distance at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Height: 206 feet

2. (tie) Sheikra (Busch Gardens Tampa Bay)

Looking up at train about to head down ShieKra’s first drop at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Height: 200 feet

SheiKra is a “dive coaster” where you’ll be diving down two massive vertical drops, facing the ground at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The first hill is a staggering 200 feet tall, and it holds you right over its crest for a few moments before plummeting straight down to the ground at 90 degrees. Inversions and another vertical drop follow, along with a fun splashdown element which gives onlookers (but not riders) a chance to get soaked. Oh, and your legs dangle over the track with no floor beneath them.

2. (tie) Mako (SeaWorld Orlando)

Height: 200 feet

3. Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit (Universal Studios Florida)

Looking up at a train going through non-inverting loop of Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit at Universal Studios Florida at Universal Orlando Resort

Height: 167 feet

4. VelociCoaster (Universal Islands of Adventure)

Looking up at a train going over VelociCoaster’s top hat at Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando Resort

Height: 155 feet

Pro Tips for Conquering the Biggest Roller Coasters in Florida

Now that you’re familiar with the biggest roller coasters in Florida, here are some essential tips to plan your thrilling adventure. Remember – these are often the biggest, fastest rides in the park, so use these tips to plan accordingly.

Planning Your Visit

Preparing for the Ride

During the Ride

  • Follow safety guidelines: Listen to the instructions of ride operators and adhere to all safety guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Embrace the thrill – and have fun!: Let go of any fears or apprehensions and embrace the adrenaline rush of the ride, let loose, and enjoy the biggest roller coasters in Florida!
  • Capture the moment: Don’t forget to capture the moment with on-ride photos or videos to relive the excitement later on. It’s fun to brag to your friends and family about riding one of the biggest roller coasters in Florida, but imagine being able to show them!

The Biggest Roller Coasters In Florida Await!

Christian McIlwain smiling for selfie standing in front of VelociCoaster top hat and sun behind him

Think you have what it takes to conquer the biggest roller coasters in Florida? Hopefully this guide let you know where you need to visit and how to prepare to take on these massive roller coasters. As I said before, remember that if height isn’t for you, there are many other roller coasters in Florida that while not as tall can be just as thrilling!

Which of these is your favorite giant roller coaster to ride in Florida?

Christian McIlwain

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